Stunning bride Star Nine admires herself in the mirror. She´s inside her wedding gown. I come around to accompany her and I question her on the nup that because the citizenship of extreme & her mum;s. Naive Star is blinded by love and she ignored all my directions. No way is her husband to be planning to benefit from the ten million in Star´s trust fund. Severe, I &; ve come prepared to prevent Star from getting it and that I grope her until she & intense;s limp and woozey. I strip her gown of her own body leaving her naked and I rope up her. I bind her wrists together and do the same then I wake her up. I tell the bride she won&severe;I leave her nude and struggling on the floor for a bit then come back with a ballgag to quiet her protests and t be desiring her gown. Poor Star won´t be getting. From squandering her own inheritance, I tell Star that I’m after her best interests and will protect her. I will control all of the money in the trust unless there & extreme; s nothing whatsoever left to get Star that is helpless. The beauty is hogtied by me and abandon her sobbing to her gag on her ruined wedding.

Date: November 15, 2019
Category: General porn

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