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Sara Jays been at odds with her husband and its reached a boiling point. The continuous flirting with other girls and also his inadequacy in the bedroom is all she can shoot. Sara Jays afternoon only gets better when among the colleges students overhears that the commotion. Sara, entirely smitten by Chilly Chills smooth ways and skin complexion, and invites him over for a few married revival. Once its been promised that her husband wont be home for a while, Chilly undresses Sara as her huge tits plop out of her bra. Those enormous tits get felt up until Sara Jays fascination with black cock gets really oral. This cougar lets her lipstick run off on that big, black cock as she makes her way down towards this enlarged nutsack. That dripping wet pussy tells Sara Jay its time to ride young black cock. Sara Jay lowers herself onto this black firehouse pole till Chillys balls are massaging her clit. The slapping sounds coming from her pussy are paired in decibel level from the screams coming from a cougar that hasnt felt a real man in quite a long time. Sara Jay decides to ride that cock so hard that her tits hit her chin, almost giving Sara Jay black cock Rocco. Since 5o clock tactics Sara keeps allowing that big, black cock fuck her as her husband is on his way back to home. Sara Jays pussy gapes an additional time until Chilly drenches her black sauce. Sara Jays husband calls and notices a different tone in her voice. The motive? Sara Jays just had the very best interracial sex of her entire life and shes on cloud 9.

Date: January 11, 2019
Stars: Sara Jay
Category: Big tits

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