Sara Jay –


Lets face it, a number of our mothers are really nuts. Take Zacs mom, Sara Jay. Shes an unabashed Black Cock Slut, as her son knows all too well. Hes witnessed that the cheating his mother pulled now, and while his parents were all together that Dads left the house, its just gotten worse. Sara doesnt care whos around to watch today — Saras gon na find a way to fuck him out if theres a guy around. So whenever the AC repairmen end up their work on a hot summer afternoon and catch Sara masturbating in the backyard, they know theyre to get a real treat.Her kid is such a pervert, hell view and knock it, too. His perversions are only defeated by Sara Jay, who chooses the 3 bulls they please on till they drain their balls. Saras a cumdumpster at the time its all said and done. . .which makes for a happy mother and son.

Date: June 30, 2020
Stars: Sara Jay
Category: Fetish

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