Saving Private Rihanna! –


When Kid Jamaica gets sent on a reconnaissance mission with Personal Rihanna Samuel of this”Fuck my pussy till I cum so tough” squad, things get pretty dicey! While trimming away some foliage point Rihanna’s trimmed tart requires a enormous dick for satisfaction and goes into crisis mode that is full. The situation escalates to Defcon 5-Cocked Pistol, and Kid comes to the rescue with his Alabama trouser snake to put the hot female Private back to the grid until the enemy gets a jump on them.The blonde haired recruit gets so sexy, that she begs Kid to fuck her meaty pussy. He must oblige immediately as he diddles with her labia to get things and she follows up with a prick tongue bath in return. Then it’s a few sticks out behind before Rihanna licks his balls into her mouth to tantalize his swimmers into entry. When she is good and ready Rihanna slides her camo panties on the side and pops onto Kid’s pistol to get a serious dick down, and if her pussy desires a soft touch after being pounded really hard, she stays on his face to get a few tender loving care. That converts to a 69 position with Mr. Jamaica’s nose tucked deep into her coconut hairy ass. Rihanna’s filled with tension with this assignment, and so both keep fucking until it discharged and she’s ready to focus on the task at hand. You will love the simple fact that she retains her jungle boots on in case she needs to spring into action. The two cum hard together in the spoon position, and Rihanna’s libido drops down to Defcon 1. Uncle Sam would be proud of these two!

Date: January 11, 2020
Category: Face sitting

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