Scottish Tastes –


Madeline, her friend and roommate, returns to the very popular shoot with a group of girls! You can see their chemistry and comfort together. Rita isn’t used to doing nudes, or any adult activities before but sheAs up for trying everything! She is introduced at an exotic house, where she strips down and shows off her flexibility as a dance instructor. Also, Madeline flirts with Rita. After trying on cute lingerie, Madeline videos her. Madeline then watches her perform a sensual dance, where she strips down to show Madeline how naked she is. They flashed at restaurants, malls, arcades, and airports throughout the weekend. They are fun and flirtatious and love to have fun with each other. Rita then uses a vibrator to get orgasmic, the first time Rita has ever used one. The vibraking toy provides an additional stimulus. Rita dresses up as a maid and rides her Big Pink Toy outside, while landscapers work. It’s a deep, intense affair! The next day they are both fully dressed and displaying affection in public right before people at busy shopping malls! They start to get friskier and Madeline is naked in public. They go back home and seduce one another with breast play, nipple sucking and then Rita offers Madeline intimate oral sex. They then go to the grocery store and start making out all over and flashing every inch! They buy bananas and then they play together. Madeline takes the banana dog style first. You can see how much she takes in! Next, RitaA takes it missionary-style and rides it to the maximum depths. You can see the milky juice from Rita’s wetness. These two are a natural, girl-girl shoot featuring two FTV exclusive girls. They’re real roommates & lovebirds.

From: ftvgirls
Date: June 11, 2022
Category: Toys

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