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0%’s most grateful thing is Cooker returning after three long years. The nine-inch, pink, cut throbber is just as large as ever. He hasn’t caught up to his father in size, but he is still with that same girl as when he first met him. Today we have the most exciting news: Chase is Straight, but Not Narrow. Chase is all-American with his thick, round inches and the love of Luke taking on his sex. Sean also loves Chase’s juggling skills. ChaseA’s statistics, 25A’11A’ and 165 are all very appealing. But ChaseA’s unique trait makes him a great choice to take Cooker to A’Man Land. ChaseA has absolutely no gag reflex. You will soon see that ChaseA has no gag reflex whatsoever. Chase begins to get Cooker dressed up and licks his neck while he travels around the country in the jeans. Soon, Cooker is headed somewhere else. Cooker knew he was up for a blowjob, but we were not certain if Cooker would be willing to receive a man’s lips at the waist. Cooker did not pull away. He nuzzled ChaseA’s neck before lying back to undo his belt. Chase pulled CookerAs half-hard cock from the bottom of his pants, then he took it out and stroked it while preparing a bite-sized meal with CookerAs nips. Cooker was up to full mast in a matter of seconds, with all nine inches throbbing in ChaseA’s fist. Chase opened his lips, and A’presto Change-o, Al-lick-azam,A’ made the whopper vanish. Cooker’s hot, open mouth makes ChaseA disappear. Cooker moves to the chair with star-crossed excitement and soft moans that are almost inaudible. Cooker places his hand down on ChaseA and gently squeezes it until the bone touches ChaseA. Cooker’s lips move on CookerAAAAs curly and short hair. For 29 years Cooker searched for successful deep troating. The look on his face is a testament to how long it took. Combining expertise and worship Chase orally examines CookerAs flesh, polishing and licking his shaft and sucking on the balls in an incredibly fast succession of events that led them to sexual bliss. Cooker and Chase are seated side-by-side on the ground. Chase then gives CookerA’s legs a tug. Cooker grabs ChaseA’s nips and gives ChaseA’s bones a tug. Chase then explodes with an enormous battery of jizz, followed by a second cumming. After all, Thanksgiving is a time when two desserts can be enjoyed together. All the best for Turkey Day! Don’t worry! Check out Cooker to see more.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: May 27, 2022
Category: Gay

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