I entice beautiful young Maria Jade into coming over under the guise of a cat fight match with me – the Queen Bee. She readily agrees but I know Maria is hot to trot for experienced older women and it won´t take much for me to make her putty in my hands. We start cat fighting on the bed with some hair pulling and a few cat balls but I quickly change the action in some intense tribbing as I fondle her pussy. I shove my hands into her pantyhose and already her pussy is dripping wet! I leave her for a moment and return wearing my big strap-on. I pull her head off the edge of the bed and face fuck her until the snot and spit run all over her pretty face. I pull the curvy young thing up on her knees and have her suck my cock getting it as drenched as her hot little pussy. Then I mount her missionary style and fuck her good and hard. Pretty Maria begins to pant and gasp so I pull her on top of my cock pulling her hair and her hips up and down pounding her pussy. I love dominating this hot young number. Next is some reverse cow girl as she bucks and rides my cock like it´s the last thing she´ll ever do. We fuck in several different positions and I embrace controlling this hot little thing. I grab her big ass as I pound into her flesh and Maria cries out in ecstasy. The frenzy builds slowly and passionately as we finally bring it home each of us exploding in orgasm!!!

Date: October 17, 2020
Category: General porn

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