She Came to Play, I Played.. –


With the help of metal straps, Jade holds her steps securely. Jade’s neck, arms, wrists and legs are immobile. This leaves her pretty face unable to conceal. She is ready for some hard work with her sexy pussy and sexy mussy. After putting black bandages on her sensitive areas, she was fucked until her stomach hurt. Jade’s only response is to wiggle her plump tummy and shake it when I hit her with the stick. Her mouth is open and her screams are loud. Jade lies on her back, with her arms wrapped in strappado. She has her hair tied to hold her position. She is then blindfolded with clips and wrapped in suction. Between brutal fuckings I whip off the clips one at a time which is too difficult for Jade. I give her an even more difficult fucking in order to get rid of her.

From: devicebondage
Date: September 17, 2022
Category: Domination

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