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Blake Edward, a sex import from this country made quite a splash. We brought him back to the shore. This 23-year old, cinnamon-toned man is very attractive with an 8A’ British Bone. We love these boys, who live by an uncompromising code of ethics. Blake’s orientation is “Whatever pleases you pleases meA”. Blake is open-minded. Recently, he awoke to find his roommate drunkenly sucking him. It was the typical str8 way a bloke would do it: “Finish!”–then go away. He didn’t know his roommate loved all-meat breakfasts. It sounds like an adorable setup to us. BlakeA is back with another bloke to record his first appearance. The task will be performed by Luke Riley, a sweet little boy. Luke’s example is a great illustration of the fact that big things can come in small packages. Although this adorable boy-next door type is only 18 years old, he packs a huge 8A’ man. He says that the most memorable scene he shot in his career was the one he shot with Parker Williams, our brother website MenOver30. It was an intense duo, and we can’t blame him. Blake has more sophisticated fantasies than Luke. Blake would rather play with an unmarried couple, but Luke is looking for 3 tattooed, muscular A’MexicanosA, who look as if they’ve just got out from jail. ThatAs dedication! After watching them play, we have the feeling that they will all come up with some fantasies. As they slowly kiss, each one begins to undress the other. Blake loses his pants the first time his huge meat swings in plain view. HeA is already anticipating the meat and dives in for it. Blake keeps LukeA still, while Luke opens his eyes wide to get what heA has been looking for–dick. As Luke’s dick becomes more difficult, Blake begins to fuck Luke immediately. BlakeA’s heavy nuts hang below, laden with precious cargo. Blake offers Blake more meat, and Luke turns over. BlakeA is in heaven watching Luke stroke his enormous cock, looking up at its knob and shaft. This is a sweet take on the lay back and feed me idea. Blake is eager to have more from LukeA and LukeA will gladly oblige. Blake sat back in the chair while Luke crawls on the couch for more. BlakeA’s hard-working cock is being manipulated sensually by BlakeA, who loves it with his sweet smile. BlakeA smiles as he enjoys LukeA’s lips. LukeA is displaying his sweet little sex as he lies down on BlakeA’s stomach, working BlakeA’s cock. Blake’s smooth bubble butt is next in line for the A’all-you can FuckA’ buffet. Now comes the main course. WeAre only getting a glimpse of Luke as he lubricates his incredible ass before we can see BlakeA’s tight ass on his throbbing cock. BlakeA’s flesh is slowly being ingested by Luke, who rockhardens. Blake moaned and sat back while Luke started slowly riding his meat. LukeA is soon at full speed, jumping up and down on the cock of his horse while his meat flounders. Blake places LukeA’s smooth cheeks farther apart to allow him to watch his fat cock pump out. Blake follows Luke behind and begins plowing. Doggie comes next. As he fists LukeA, his smooth nuts are rubbing LukeA’s face. Luke now complains about having to do more in this position. It’s not the same control that he used to have while riding it. Blake is now at his mercy and HeA has only one goal! HeA’s fucking with a hot ass! He turns him into a missionary, and then he buries himself inside. Blake is fuckin’ Luke faster than ever. Luke goes crazy! Harder! Luke grumbles as Blake starts to piston-fuck his sweet tummy. These two will soon explode. Blake is pounding on his ass while Luke is jackin’ his cock furiously. Blake then suckles it out of Luke, grunting and moaning. Blake flips and pours his sweet cream on his navel. Whew. We still want more. They will be coming back, we have no doubt.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: September 28, 2022
Category: Gay

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