Slutty secretary Maria Jade sits at the employee lounge dangling her high heel whilst confer with her friend about the promotion she´s becoming. A couple of hours here and there spent under the CFO&severe;s desk onto her knees and it&intense;s ensured that she will shortly be promoted to boss. I march in and demand that she return to work. Maria laughs and I quickly grab her hands over mouth till she&intense;s excruciating and woozy. I strip her off much too tight and short workplace coat and jack up her skirt leaving her tied up in her bra wih her huge butt and pussy exposed. Young Maria struggles furiously trying to loosen the bondage however, the ropes are far too tight. I visit gag the dumb bimbo with her filthy panties forcing them in to her mouth and gagging her pretty face with a bandana. Maria grunts protesting to her gag as I grab and squeeze her tits and ass. I push her onto the floor and break my feet on her bound body. Once I tire of watching her sexy body wriggling around in the bondage that I leave her humiliated on the floor jump, gagged and frustrated struggling to get out of the tight bed.

Date: September 13, 2020
Category: General porn

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