Nyxon and I are going out clubbing tonight along with her boyfriend Jah. Little does he know that as always we’re bringing a massive stash of drugs to sell. We tell him to rush with his shower so he could book the VIP area and that he cries out to Nyxon to grab his credit card and look after the reservation. She unlocks Jah&severe;s pocket and can be stunned to find out that he is a DEA agent! We know he´s been relationship Nyxon to research our drug operation. I hand her silencer as he enters the space she points it at him. In your knees Mr. Mother Fucking DEA. I grab some rope and tie his hands together behind his back because Nyxon pulls down her panties and compels them into his mouth. I wrap his black face with a lot of layers and thick electrical tape minding his features. Clearly he’s having trouble breathing but we neglect ´t care in any way. I put in more rope round his torso to fasten his upper arms to his torso then bind his ankles. Jah struggles about the ground and I choose to take off his shoes. I tie his knees together and tell him we will induce some drugs down his neck and we plan the rest of our stash in his pockets. He and tell him his career as a DEA representative will be over soon. I grab a bit of thin twine and bind his huge toes tightly together. Jah grunts and moans and we laugh in his passing. I complete the filthy bastard off in a hogtie, grab his wallet and pocket 911 leaving him gagged, bound and helpless to the cops to find with all the drugs in his or her possession!

Date: October 14, 2020
Category: General porn

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