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The heavens are often not ablaze on Labor Day, but everywhere Mauricio and Vinnie share their unbridled passion and utter bliss here at, the exploding chemistry in every kiss, every touch and every over the shoulder load equal any firework display found everywhere. Vinnie is now a fuck machine that is lean, ripped and chiseled. While he’d surrender the center of these legendary glutes around Mauricios epic 8 hot prized rod for a 1 time only diversion of the standard last time, today they’re back in the roles that they love to perform and we like to seeVinnie giving Mauricio the ardent, condom free pounding that only a lover could. We’ve followed them for nearly three decades now and the journey from just from high school and freshly sprung from the army neighborhood friends who played basketball together to the currently living together, monogamous couple who share the most intimate details of their lives reaches a brand new chapter for them and us once they usher themselves and us to another first for all of us: the fantastic outdoors.It is not uncommon for the lovers to start with a kiss but seeing them bathed in rays of the sun shed a freshness as if we are discovering them for the first time. Together with the tongues licking each other neck for their ears as they undress themselves and each other, it seems an attempt for Mauricio to let Vinnies tongue out of his mouthbut one handful of the throbbing meat of Vinnies, Mauricio shortly found something he enjoyed his mouth better and proceeds to swallow his lovers pole right down to the bottom. Vinnie returns the favor, which makes his way down to Mauricios hole till they proceed to the pool. Cock is throbbing as hard moves to the border as we have seen it, spreads wide, along with also the festival resumes and then quickly progresses over the raft. Pivoting without kissing as though they could not go any longer, his penis soon replaces in Mauricios ass Vinnies finger. We have noticed them fuck in just about every position before, but watching Mauricios buttocks worshiped Vinnies pole since he rides Vinnie since they float across the pool is just as much a brand new experience for them because it is for us.Nothing has that huge cock of Mauricios as tough as a good thumping from Vinnie and they are equally throbbing as they stand out of this pool and around into the massage table. Vinnie swallows down that pole into Mauricios balls before flipping him over and making a feast of the quivering hole as Mauricio lays his head down and yells in nothing short of bliss. Standing up, the muscles at Vinnies powerful arms rippling as he mounts Mauricio beating their way up on the desk like wild animals from heat. Side by side since they started, they are kissing as their sacks tighten. His belly is covered by first Vinnie at a white load and also enjoy the cum geyser we know him to be, Mauricio soon follows with an explosion which covers his torso and outside to Vinnies arm. For them, this was a labor of love and out of Mauricio, Vinnie and all people in, a Labour Day to All of you!

Date: January 14, 2020
Stars: Mauricio / Vinnie
Category: Gay porn

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