Sosha Cant Get In –

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In this movie we locate Sosha out and distressed to pee. Unable to get in the house to use the restroom, she ends up accidentally wetting her pants.We locate Sosha out wearing jeans and a jacket. She is walking back into the home, desperate to use the restroom. Arriving in the door, legs , she is horrified to find that she’s locked out. Bursting to pee, she struggles for some time seeking to continue, but it’s no use. Standing on the porch she’s a gigantic accident, soaking in her jeans.Her pants grow visibly moist as the denim gets soaked with her pee. Saturated, the fluid flows across the surface of the fabric, glistening as it catches the light. There’s nothing Sosha cant do to stop it. Shocked and surprised, she simply stands there, letting it go, soaking her trousers. Once she is done peeing she wanders off, hoping to prevent anyone catching her into such an embarrassing position.

Date: March 15, 2019
Category: Pissing

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