Spankomania –


The dominatrix Brandy Smile humiliates her roommate Cristine Akira Lee in the kitchen. The babe with blue eyes is supposed to serve her mistress coffee but she just cant get it! Time to teach her a lesson! The glamour domina that is strong spanks her ass and bends her subby forward. She seems really persuasive in her latex skirt and costume. She smashes her hands and then ties against those bum cheeks which chick into the glass table, with sticky tape. After spanking and spitting, she crams her subbys young pussy with a huge dildo and bangs that snatch if there was no tomorrow! Punishment heats up with Cristine licking pussy and pushing at her tongue deep Brandys box that is moist. Cristines tight cunny gape is made by the dominatrix and she moans her nipples with her hands, and worshiping her tight quim over and over again with that dong. The scene comes to a finish and Brandy likes that cup of java.

Date: February 13, 2020
Category: Spanking

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