Steel gets the big rod! –


I like strong guys, it has to be some sort of natural instinct to get the ideal DNA or something, but I understood I had to own him and his big, thick, long, hard dick once I watched Franco! Wow, he is a big man but that matter is enormous! He was romantic too, caressing me for me juiced up and kissing. I guess it was a fantastic thing I was oozing a lot of love lotion as his huge instrument might have not slipped in so easily otherwise. Soon his cock was stretching out my snatch with each thrust. It felt amazing and I shuddered with pleasure each time. I sucked a few days to my juice of his penis, it felt really dirty and horny! After some time he pulled his meaty truncheon and then spurted his goo before allowing me polish his helmet and put it in my lips!

Date: October 22, 2019
Stars: Tommy Steel
Category: Spanking

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