Superdry wetting on the beach –


Summertime has truly arrived by spending a day to the beach and I am taking advantage of the warm sunny weather. I am wearing my powder pink coat blue jumper and black mini skirt which virtually covers my crinkly Superdry diaper underneath. I show off some views of the scenery with golden sand and blue sky then I begin to walk from the promenade which is quite busy and bustling with day trippers. I cheekily lift my skirt to give flashes of my own diaper and cant resist offering the thick bulge a squeeze. Ive been loving some pops from the local cafe which are catching up with me so its time to empty my bladder. I squat down putting my diaper on full show before filling this up with my wet stream. As the thick cushioning I hit down my hands to feel my wetting’s results. It seems amazing that the contrast of the rustling plastic and the warm soggy crotch. I do like to be from the seaside!

Date: September 12, 2019
Stars: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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