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Tyler is out for a jog before he begins daily. By the time he has back home Kristopher is wondering where he was and why it took so long. Tyler told him he’d be back shortly but now they’ll be late for a previous engagement. Kristopher isnt too happy about it and starts to sniff Tylers sweaty pits and out there that they start to kiss. Tyler drops to his knees and begins sucking on Kristophers hard penis. Hes deep throating his dick and gagging. Tyler enjoys sucking cock and it shows with all the care he takes with each inch from his mouth. Kristopher doesnt want Tyler to receive all the fun in order that they turn it up and he starts blowing Tylers youthful eager dick. Tyler enjoys his older boyfriends abilities as he sucks on that tough smooth cock. They move the pleasure to the living area where Kristopher bends him on the couch and rims his ass deeply licking his hole and fucking it with his moist tongue. Tyler can barely take it as his cock is still oozing precum out. Tylers hole is nice and moist today and Kristopher pushes his hard cock balls deep in to him and starts fucking slow and soon he is pounding that little tight buttocks. Tyler enjoys being fucked by older men. Kristopher lays him on his rear and fucks the cum out of him he jacks his cock with each thrust. Kristopher pulls and strokes his cock until every last drop of cum would be really about Tylers smooth chest and then he feeds the cum with his palms.

From: Dylanlucas.com
Date: November 2, 2018
Category: Gay porn

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