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Her bags are being packed by tasha Reign! Her boyfriend Casper and she are going to Toronto for a small holiday, and that she s telling Casper's buddy and roommate Ryan about it because he watches her bunch. Not only does she let him view the undergarments she s bringing, Tasha fills him she and Casper will probably end up moving into the Great White North. Ryan'therefore a little thrown off because Casper is his friend and he hasn't heard shit on it, which is why he decides to make a go about the hot blonde blonde. He even s been beating on her forever, and he could 't imagine not seeing her. What does he do? He gets her started with his Great White Splooge and claws the hoser-to-be.

From: Myfriendshotgirl.com
Date: February 22, 2019
Category: Cumshot

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