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Milen Petrof is subjected to temptation because he sits at his table and sees his own girlfriend sleeping. He is writing in his diary as she wakes up, and moves on the bed. She recommends a break to be taken by Milen because she feels so sexy after a dream. Milen isn’t readily persuaded so the woman turns and shows her sexy ass. However, as he watches he changes his mind and joins her. The woman tells him that he should do whatever she informs him. After he insists Milens wrists are tied by her into the bedframe. Then she begins to suck on Milens nipples and rubs his cock in his panties. She begins to suck on on it as she slaps on his legs and pulls out the difficult cock. Then she slaps his cock and balls before sucking on it some more and takes Milens panties off. She retains slapping his thighs also wraps a band about his balls, hitting them as she sucks his prick. As it is worked on by her that penis is so hard. She then takes some clothes pins and attaches them to belly hair and Milens nipples. She uses one trap to pull on Milens buttocks hair . Before sucking that cock a little more she attaches his balls and hooks together also. Legs are pulled from the atmosphere to expose his hairy, hole. More pins have been implemented, this time into the hairy ass and the grils pushes a finger. His ass cheeks are red from her spanking him along with her finger really investigates his tight hole. Two fingers slides too and then replace the thumb. Milen yells as they are felt by him. He is bent over, with this hot ass still exposed onto his knees. For it soon fills that ass is prepared. Then it is replaced with a fine, thick, thick dildo. The girl pushes the dildo in deep and nice . Milen is subsequently moved by her and wanks his huge cock until it produces the hot cum. She milks every drop of juice from that cock to finish a scene.

From: Kink_cfnmeu.com
Date: January 31, 2019
Category: Spanking

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