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I am out and about, walking along a very busy road that is rural. Im wearing a Jurassic Park raptor t shirt, a denim skirt, and a pair of cute blue and white striped knee socks and my white Converse trainers. More importantly, hugging my little bum, also underneath my skirt, is a Tena Slip Ultima diaper that is soggy and moist. Im in mood, and I would like to determine how far this diaper may hold, therefore I squat by the roadside, and empty. The launch of the tension feels so good, and the floodgates are open and that I just continue, even though I understand there’s a prospect of being spotted by a driver. The Tena Slip Ultima soon increases with all the wetting Im doing, and the bulkier and soggier it receives, the more excited I’m! The cars keep driving beyond me, and Im pretty sure they understand what Im up to, but if youre experimenting with one of your favorite diapers, you cant let that stop you )

From: Mydiaperdiary.com
Date: August 12, 2019
Stars: Faye Taylor
Category: Fetish

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