The Bloodthirsty Nurse! –


Happy Halloween!

Your friendly vampire nurse from Hungary, Dorothy Black, is here to take your bloodstream way! Oh look how her workplace is–blood everywhere–but she’s been sooo! However, what’s that–now, you DO N’T need to give blood? You see what she can do with those test tubes of their stuff? Well, why notNurse Dorothy likes to adapt her victims–er, we mean, her PATIENTS! Check out her pull her panties down and show you her shaved and pierced pussy! Not to mention those titties that seem inviting inside her bra and so hot. . .even if she’s generally cold to the touch and an undead vampire! ;-RRB- if you’re able to miss the fangs, she is in a mood today! She’ll let you nurse about her boobies. . .if you don’t mind that she chooses just a small nibble of your neck! Bwah-hah-hah!! You immune? She will hypnotize with her pussy and ass, and she’ll even cram her holes with those test tubes that are damn –how kinky is THAT? But what can you expect from a bloodthirsty nursie?? Prepared to make a donation? Dorothy will get your own CUM!! or your catsup before she’s done Bwah-hah-hah!!, happy HORROR-ween

Date: February 28, 2020
Stars: Dorothy Black
Category: Fetish

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