A busty lady in a black stocking cap frees me I&severe;m wearing a sweater, black pantyhose and tight boots. I see through her hood that it is the infamous bandit JJ Plush. I’ve been tied up and that I &severe;m not quite happy with this. The barbarous robber JJ adds more rope in my petite frame and that I holler via a huge ballgag. My arms are painfully pulled up in a dreadful way. The gag is tightened to close me up more and I’m groped and manhandled by this crazy silent female bandit. The voluptuous lady puts me on the floor and the huge ball is removed from my mouth because it hasnt muted me . A bandana is shoved between my lips into my mouth and tight wrapping moves round and round my pretty little head. The woman in the stocking cap doesnt say a phrase. I’m even more upset when she adds to a tight crotch rope above my black pantyhose and that I &intense;m finally hogtied and left . The odd girl just catches a carved statue, walks over my trussed up body on the floor and leaves. (footage of gag coming out at the end)

Date: October 7, 2020
Category: General porn

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