The Secret Life of Mrs. Sky –


The wife and homemaker takes the news in stride and also puts the dinner table for her teenage daughter Serena Blair along with her buddy from faculty Eliza Jane when Reena Skys husband cancels to attend to a work crisis. Reena is indeed conservative and appropriate, she reprimands Serena for cussing until she leaves for class. Eliza helps the table clears before she heads to course also. To begin with she moans Reenas can opener for her mother, and promises to bring it right back that day. Reena is now getting ready to fulfill with her friend Ever since date night was cancelled. Shes wraps her body in an extravagant pair of lingerie. Eliza stops by as promised, and grabs the tail end of her telephone conversation concerning craving a particular girl’s buttocks. She sees a pink dildo being pulled by Reena from her purse. If Reena sees who just walked in, she insists they play a match and becomes affectionate and flirty. Eliza tries to resist however Reena manages to remove her shirt and get into her pants. Slowly Reena whittles away her defenses, kissing away her fears and apprehensions. Eliza is fascinated by what this dominating MILF can instruct her. Reena sticks her tongue between both legs and Eliza cums hard . She tries to leave, but Reena wants her to stay around and continue playing. She opens her up and fingers her asshole. Eliza allows Reena sit on her face and the girls are cumming together. Since Reena pushes the cum from Elizas wet teen pussy they finish their lesbian tricks!

Date: November 12, 2019
Category: Face sitting

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