The Sword Fight –


IItA is all about ExtraBigDicks’ A’dickA. We brought back Dick Armstrong, one of our favourite dicks. Dick is 19 and he’s a real dick. His fiance is very happy with his cuban cock, which measures in at 8.5 inches. It seems to keep more Florida girls happy than one. Dick was stopped by a female trooper, who recognized him through his online work. They were able A’settleout of courtA’ together and make some payments on the spot in her patrol car. Being a large dick has its advantages. Lee Snyder is a person who knows everything about these privileges and their downfalls. Lee Snyder is 21 years old. HeA is originally from Austin Texas. HeA is also an A’long HornA’, measuring in at 8.5″. When he was 15 years old, he realized he was a big dick. He had been dating 10 year-old women. Both agree that having a large dick helps them to get laid. Dick enjoys watching the reactions of a girlA when she attempts to have it. Lee admits that he’s hurt several women and even had a couple refuse to try. LeeA has only ever had one girl in his throat and Dick laughs when he says that heA’s yet to meet one. It seems you cannot send a girl in to do a job for a manA. These boys are so stupid! These two boys start to rub their pants through the jeans, and it’s slick. You can see their A’excitementA’ tucking into their pants in no time. Each one shaves their tees, and continues to tugginA’ at their cocks. Dick takes off his hid jeans, and he gets comfy on the ground. Lee then unbuttons and moves to the chair. LeeA’s cock has become a rock solid and is desperate to be free from the underwear that holds him. Dick walks closer to the television and, with his back towards Lee, begins to stroke his fat cock. Lee is relieved to hear that he has been reassured by this as he begins his own stripping. Dick looks up at the competitors and turns his back. Str8 boy dick, thatA’s 17 inches! ThatA’s one hell of a weekend. LOL They flick their cocks while sneaking a glance at the equipment of each other. They then move to the futon and each kneels on it as they work together their huge cocks. As they bang their cocks, the straight babymakers are only inches apart. This is like two male beta fish drifting dangerously close together. ItA must happen. They are soon sword fighting using their lethal lances. I digress. They are seated on the futon with Dick lying back and Lee at his feet, each one stroking its massive cuts of meat. As you see all the chickens that can be stuffed wherever theyA’ll fitA, the side view of the scene is breathtaking. Each one focuses on getting the load out and easing their aching muscles. Lee is enjoying his meat, holding the monster rod at his base. He looks almost in amazement as he holds it. Lee moves down to the ground and lies next to Dick, who is stroking the futon above. It won’t take long for them to stop stroking each other. Dick was the first one to get a nut. DickA curls up forward, his abs tightening as his fat cock pumps his heavy load. DickA’s eyes glisten in joy as he continues to pump his cum all over his navel, crotch and even his Scorpion tat. Lee senses DickA’s high and looks up to see DickA pumping his cum all over. It instantly sent him over the edge. LeeA’s fat cock releases a thick cream that falls back onto itself, lubricating LeeA’s head even more. He is very happy.

From: extrabigdicks
Date: May 29, 2022
Category: Gay

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