The door opens to your voluptuous woman who’s a recently tax assessor for your state. I´m ChiChi Medina official tax collector whipping her out I.D.. She opens her laptop I’m $10,000 in arrears in my own taxes. I tease her till she drops down to the floor and grab the large tit bimbo. Before she has a chance I catch some rope and then bind her elbows together. Let me go she screams – some one help me!!! Oh no little one… you&severe;re not going anywhere until I fix the records from your notebook and fix the documents alerting my balance. I tie them together while she begs and cross her ankles and pleas for mercy. Her skirt exposes her rounded buttocks and slides up – her tight pussy is barely covered by the thong. I pull her large tits and fondle them. Don&severe;Can you look adorable now overlook high and mighty. I put in yet another rope and abandon while I attempt to become inside her laptop, her struggling. Give a password to me I demand, but Chi Chi hold company and refuses to cooperate. How´therefore this ?? that is missy A tight crotch rope hauled in your pussy and ass dividing you. I choke the password being squeezed by her out of her and get down near her. Poor helpless ChiChi gasps out several numbers. Not enough however!! Finally she relents and the girl is hogtied by me and offers me the password. I correct the records and get into my accounts on her notebook. Oh look in I overpaid my taxes, my address now sweetie pie and I am currently owed by the county!!! I&intense;that I bend down and m done with her today and shove a rag into her mouth sealing that the gag in using silver duct tape. There we move doll – that I put the laptop at her feet and leave the busty Latina woman struggling to arrive at the doorway.

Date: July 3, 2020
Category: General porn

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