The Thrill Of Chase –


David Chase is this weeks hot stud. As he had his 30th birthday , he is a recent inductee to the club that is MenOver30. This Scorpio is hooked on sex. He loves having sex and feels better connected when he can have sex with somebody hes into. He grew a total Mommas boy up. He talks with his Mother at least once a day. David is a hard guy. We asked him, if he had 6 months away, what could he do with the moment? David is captivated by Italian, Spanish and French cultures. He has been lent a new appreciation of the area by Films like La Dolce Vita. Therefore, if he had time to explore them he’d like to invest them abroad exploring Europe. David doesnt consider himself anything particularly. Hes neither gay nor str8. He considers himself Bisexual. He moves. I dont associate with any title, I just do whats sexy to me and thats my novelty. Hes brought to people who will express themselves genuinely from the heart and who arent all chatter. Those qualities are available on either side of the fence. David has been in the industry for a while, but hes selected to have limited vulnerability His experiences have given him the chance to really know what he enjoys, together with all the self-assuredness to research that with no regrets.David is on the phone making plans for his hot date. He figures he’s about an hourso that he does his muscles to be got by a calisthenics. He takes his tee off and starts with stretches. He can dips working shoulders and his triceps. He loses his pants because his beefy framework comes into perspective. Hes wearing a tight gray jock strap that accentuates his ass in the most amazing way. He begins doing leg moves and gets to the couch. Since he points back his legs, he shows the sexy ass of the off. As he caresses his bum his hand begins to roam. Because he hits the floor he refocuses. He grunts a bit because he does his set. His muscles are pumped. When he finishes, he turns his focus to his jock strap. The strap is having difficulty containing his muscular, which needing a work out and throbbing . David grins as he frees it and catches his cock that is thick. He begins to stroke his meat. His face lights up with aid because he begins to give his dick the focus it needs.David sits on the chair and starts to work that dick. He lubes up it and swirls his fist on his knob and swollen shaft. He operates it hard as he moans and sighs. We have a feeling that Davids date arrive sooner than later or hes gont overlook. . .well, you understand. David stands to give us a much better view. Since the camera gives us a perspective from underneath, we can admire those furry pecs which are bending as he continues to jack that rock hard cock, rock hard penis, and his thick hangers. David then lies back on the sofa to keep on massaging his balls and stroking that cock. His 63 frame looks amazing as his muscles writhe under his skin. Davids cock is throbbing. He keeps working the conclusion of the shaft and knob which are currently creating his balls start to pull up tight around his shaft. David decides to give us a better view of the bum because he spreads that beefy ass wide and goes face first into the sofa. He continues stroking that cock underhand because cock and his balls are pulled back and stroked. David is getting close so that he lies back on the couch to take care of business. As his thick meat is pinned by his best hand at the base he strokes his dick. He starts to swirl and stroke faster. That does the trick. His thick penis gives up its load all over Davids torso and stomach. Whew. As he lies there, then covered in cum and reveling in the following glow…a knock on the door.

Date: October 9, 2019
Stars: David Chase
Category: Gay porn

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