The Training of Charlotte.. –


Coaching ReportObservations:fear gets in the way, an obstacle for her achievementsslavehood Isn’t easyshe Desires the Annoyance, learns to love the bruiseFormative Evaluations:halfway point Assess indoes still think life is supposed to Function as fair?have her Dreams of punishment Has Been met?reinforced Deficiency of status?where is her ego now?how is her anal Practice Forthcoming along?use the single tail liberally to impress pertinent pointsRecommendations:invade her quarters for a 7 AM inspectiondrill her onto her abstinence That weekwork her fear of This Cows prodshock her cunt to Instruct her composuretease her cunt and Refuse her orgasmsassign Berlin to handle the trainee’s Job listmake clear the Outcome of Berlin’s failure to motivate her chargeassess the trainee’s pussy eating skillssee to it they’re both Completely fucked and usedLessons:she May take more than she thinks She’s canImproved focus and deep throating skillstrust conquers Anxiety, Distress and pain

Date: August 13, 2019
Category: Slave

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