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Trainer’s ReportMid-Term Slave ReviewSubject Id: #208Session Id: #5360Pain Management 101Subject indicates a gift. Recommend focus within this region to explore deeper masochism. Strategies to date include the premise that pain is energy and could be recognized and controlled through conscious controls:Identify rhythm in the strikessynchronize breathing routines tot that his rhythmuse breathing to catch the painapply visualization and concentration to’possess the pain’controller and steer the flow of energySelf ExpressionNarrative Visualization techniques are implemented in an attempt to break the cycle of repressed verbal behaviors, esp. Sexual.The inclusion of a blindfold increases positive response.Stimulus, power and verbal advice further contribute to develoment.Voice ControlsDiction and grammar are good, making the topic a great candidate for voice and speech training.Think Before You SpeakPause to get a Beat:Mid Term AssessmentsSelf societal Identity (the way she sees herself in that world):Service slut woman – what proportion of time is she like this?Feels she desires additional patienceAttracted to – awareness, confidence, strictness, kindnessDepth – promises to not have been past anger in BDSMDifficult letting head to express herself results in sometimes rigid uninspired attempts at sensual vocalizations.Conduct is exceptional, shows enthusiasm and enthusiasm to learn. Superb candidate for profound, full use.D3 Training StrategiesFormative AssessmentsThe most important single factor influencing learning is what the student already knows. Ascertain this and teach accordingly.Pain 202, Clinical To RitualReview previous lessons and affirm many practical techniques:The Cup of PainSteering pain vitality to human anatomy partsInstructional ComponentCorporal implements with guided education in techniqueFocus about breathing – the gatherer of painvisualization as warmth, light and also colorapplied: generalization, superficializing, radiationApplication:Princess Donna applies unrelenting sadistic stimulusheavy single tail whipcat o eight tailsrepeated cows prodhard pussy slappingEvaluation:Subject keeps composure and displays a knack for studying and a presence of mind which appears to keep her’at the scene’ emotionally. Lapses in reaction time and breaks in shape exist. Recommend allowing it because of cognitive load.Rating: 4/5Note: She’s sustaining heavy marking and demonstrating signs of fatigue.Reinforcementapply positive reinforcers; clit vibrationput her slut mouth to work on servicing Donna’s pussy to orgasmHomeworkFreud’s concept of Ego, Id and Super-ego

Date: June 5, 2019
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