Therapy Thru her Rear –


We wonder what Dr. Freud could have thought of how psychoanalysis has changed since his heyday at the early-to-middle 1900s. Would he have stroked his trademark beard in surprise (or anything else in stimulation ) when viewing Dr. Nick Lang utilize a radical approach to patient Klaudia Hot as detailed in our new kinky roleplay scene? Shortly falling down on the couch, Klaudia awakes to find herself bound hand and foot with her own analyst, who silences her protests with his hand and his hand up her skirt. Soon his mitt is replaced by him in this complete HD BDSM scene filled with intense sexual intercourse along with his beef, then licking her ass crack to prepare it for further therapy and cramming her face. . .Therapy, in other words, in the kind of his cock plunging into her ass, even as he’s at a magic wand vibrator is licked by her. So that she can ride him like an anal cowgirl Afterwards he stuffs her blue panties that are lost then gets her along with his dick. Obviously this anal-yst considers that creaming on his patient’s asshole will be more therapeutic than talking her dreams!

Date: December 18, 2019
Stars: Klaudia Hot
Category: Bondage

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