This Ass, Your Face –


Irene, Amazon Goddess Mistress Irene, towers above her slave who lies on her discipline table. He responds, “AEURoeAre You Ready to Smother Under My Ass?” The slave longs to feel the power of her ass. However, he knows that he’ll soon need it. His response “aEURoeyes” is more anxious than excited. He (and her) turn to see the point of her ass and she reaches for it. This drives him mad with lust. She slaps him once she’s convinced that itaEUR(tm),s is what he wants, and then she takes a spot on his forehead.

After getting comfortable she turns her back to you and tells you that she cannot make enough men under her genitals. She also wants to be your seat. There are so many amazing angles to IreneaEUR ™, and you will be as hooked as the hungry slave. Leaning forward, she tells her slave to touch her buttocks in the same manner he kissed his first girlfriend back when he was just a poor school boy. She adds, “AEURoeNot the grown-up man you now are.” It’s now time for her to try her slave. She sits with all of her weight and watches how much time he can survive without oxygen. He kicks her and she laughs, before she gets up. He screams in despair as she turns around and wiggles her stomach above his head before settling down in the reverse position. He is then really smashed by her back as she leans back. Although the slave is kicking frantically, you’ll be thankful that Irene stays where she is.

Date: July 12, 2022
Category: Feet

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