Triple Crossed –


3 is a magical number. Its importance in both Roman and Greek civilizations is unquestionable. Its apparent influence on Western and Eastern civilizations are clear. Mythology has been influenced with triads of both deities; the with 3 heads and perhaps even modern day Christianity and its own belief in the Trinity. When a celebrity strikes the bucket we state Wait for it-They go in threes! Attempting to conjure up a bit of ourselves, we decided to make a triad of the own. Three defined, young, sculpted lads possess cum together (pun intended) to make more than magic happen for us here on our group. They have been with us before, and each have generated quite the reaction if they were introduced. Jay Martinez, the 19 year old Latin beefcake is our initial, and also hes back with his 19 year-old friend Rico Salazar. Makes you wonder what theyre these days, feeding boys? These two 61 papi chulos have a sexy dual session in their belt, which struck the website a couple of months back. Weve added one more latin flavor to the mix, 19yr Loco Rios to add the finishing cream to our sweet treat. Collectively, they create the key ingredients to the delicious dessert weve brought together for you this week: Tres Leches! (Three milks) -Mind in gutter in…3…2…1 The grope session is away as they each begin to sense that their cocks through their jeans. As they begin to undress little by little, It’s possible to listen to the porn. Collars come off, as they begin to have comfortable and trousers become undone. His trousers to drop, and others follow suit. Its amazing seeing three totally boys sit side by side as they start to grope their growing beef as if they were the ones within the room. The three are standing playing with their briefs. All of them turn around and show us their ass-ets that are prohibited. They each have meaty rears that would make many mouths water. They turn around, their hot cocks are swingin. Jay playfully shows his fat cock off as he melts it side to side. His cock got him from a ticket when he was pulled over. -Cant say we blame ! You get a better appreciation of their cinnamon-toned Latin bods as they stay pulling their cocks. They continue their circle jerk and take a seat. As the camera pans around the room, we capture every one separately as they stare in the cam if they understand exactly what youre thinking because you watch them doing exactly the identical thing. Each of the nuts hang high, aching to be emptied. Their knobs are gearing up to the event as they lube up. They continue to jerk off their beef and swap places. They will be able to last much longer, thus we provide them a dish. Since they jack faster and kneel, their cocks are throbbing and they’re focused on release. Rico is the very first to bust his nut, signaling his nut with a Peace out, kidz! Another two cant help but laugh like Rico awakens in and pumps out his nut on the plate below. After hes done, the others jerk harder. Seconds after, Loco shoots his nuthaving to lunge forward cuz the plate was missed by his very first heap altogether, but the rest made it just fine. Jay is the last one and his loading shoots far enough to reach the plate, but the remainder of his massive load went else. He was too caught up in his climax. Theres always one that doesnt get the presentation item. With boys this hot, who cares? This magical event of Latin dessert manufacturing was unquestionably a Charmed one! -Check Please!

Date: October 10, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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