Two Dudes Repeatedly Work.. –


Casey Everett is a cheerful, lean ripped guy, who sees himself reduced to become the trophy involving horned up dudes Sebastian Keys and Chance Summerlin. The both of them take him while hes hog tied and rope-gagged, rolling him on his back. They perform with his sexy body, licking the course of hair leading down his buttocks to his delicious cock. Casey is in their asses whilst Chance sucks on his dick to get him hard, and Sebastian toys with his nipples and reaches down to jerk his cock in between sucking. Caseys is also caked, on his body and onto his toes, then stroked and sucked again, taking him through every physical feeling, thumping him and denying him repeatedly while he screams through the rope, begging for cum. Hes subsequently tied to a chair, sitting backward with his penis aimed down and his ideal bum sticking out. Chance proceeds to operate his cock, sucking on him stroking him straight up to the border, as Casey begs and begs to cum. Sebastian slides an electric butt plug in that ideal hole and cranks up the electricity. Caseys buttocks milks that plug, pulling it to shock and milk his prostate, which makes him feel as though he can blow his load at any given moment. Eventually, Caseys flipped around in the chair and Chance goes whole-hog, sucking and slurping on his cock, then immediately bringing his balls to a boil. Sweaty, worked and desperate, Casey finally blows his load, erupting with hot cum all over himself.

Date: August 16, 2019
Stars: Casey Everett
Category: Gay porn

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