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It is time. Time for Mona Wales to test her hands (and holes) at a dwell BaRS show. She’s proven her worth in some Sexuallybroken shoots it’s time for the big leagues. There are only 12 BaRS shows annually, and only the elite could hang. Mona can most certainly hang.Mona has advised us that she thinks she needs to work with her deepthroat skills and we are more than pleased to help her out. But we promised to make it simple. We are going to place her on a sybian just to create the practice a little more challenging.Bound on top of a sybian while leaping into the blowjob machine, so Mona is getting her training. The sybian does exactly what it was designed to do, namely make her cum so hard she’s reduced to a drooling undone mess.It is your endless hard prick to the face which seals the deal. Drooling, bondage and relentless multiple orgasms spiral her into subspace that is sexual. Mona is only a bag of holes and we’re just getting started. Stay tuned. It only gets more intense from here on out…

From: Sexuallybroken.com
Date: May 9, 2020
Category: Slave

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