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I have been planning my girl ´s birthday and today is your day. I have just one problem to take care of before the party begins and that’s her best friend redhead Ashley Graham. Uugghhhh!!! The sexy sexy bitch is always bragging and boasting about shoes, her designer clothes and automobiles. Enough with your missy. My daughter will not be outshone by you at her own birthday party. I invite Ashley over to brain storm some fun games for the party and I pour a stiff drink with my potion. The bitch´s little head starts to bob and weave. She manages to stumble on to the sofa and passes out cold. Yes!!!!!!! This is exactly what I planned. I remove her expensive red lone designer sneakers leaving Ashley in her fishnets. I snap them and then crush her elbows with her back. Acute;s that bitch? I bind her wrists and then her ankles. Awwwwww what´s darlin ´ the celebration is going to begin and you can&severe;t proceed. I slap Ashley&severe;she’s pissed off and s face to wake her up. Poor sucker. I’ve got a nice wet surprise to you I say because I shove them to her big mouth that is snooty and slowly remove my pink underwear. This may shut you t have to hear you bragging all the time along with your things that are expensive. I pull a large pair of scissors and then wave them in front of Ashley&extreme . Excellent bye Gucci – I cut the dress right up the middle and away from her body exposing her tits. Whatcha gonna perform now Don&severe;t you Ashley is horrified since I grope and fondle her voluptuous young body. Mmmmmmm I simply love you pretty young things. My sneakers rest and comtemplate my second movement. A crotch rope hogtie will look awesome on you honey. I yank her and roll her around for catching of her big tits and cute ass. Are you really getting wet doll? I show her a few clover nipple clamps as well as the redhead´s eyes glow like saucers. Here you go sweetie pie. Ashley yells and groans to her mouth watering gag and I laugh my butt off. Guess you aren’t outshining my cherished daughter . No celebration for you tonight you snooty bitch!!!!

From: Milfgigi.com
Date: October 15, 2019
Category: General porn

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