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Valentin Petrov made his debut with us on our brother website ; however after seeing that this sexy 33 year old hung, Russian import needed to offerwe understood exactly where he belonged. We have a sense his costar wont mind welcoming him seeing as he is packaging a thick 9 cock to match Valentins sexy counterpart. Chris Cox is back with us also this local 26 year old Miami stud is in for a genuine treat. We requested these studs to tell us how tidy and clean that they were in your home. The two claim to be 10s in that department. Then we wondered exactly what theyd always wanted to do but hadnt had a opportunity to do. While Valentin desired to become a trainer, chris needed to become gymnast. These men acknowledge they have been with men bigger but doesnt happen and are both packing big dicks. They agree that if they find guys with gear that is larger the roles often change. Bigger, after all, it’s better. You heard it here first, people! They are equally open to the possibilities, flexible and eager to try new items. We couldnt ask for a better match up. The chemistry is on high as these two go at it before we hit on album. They start making out since they strip every other. These studs Both are smooth and possess sculpted physiques. As he kneels before him valentin licks his way south. Chris Cuban penis which by now is throbbing for attention is taken out by him. Since Chris moans he takes it into his mouth and starts to work on it. Valentin worships that dick making it wet and nice as he savors every inch. Chris meat is stroked by valentin and seems at him as he sucks on Chris low hanging balls. Chris then pulls Valentin onto his toes and since they make out Chris undoes Valentins trousers to free his hot comrades meat. They stroke each others cocks collectively before Valentin gets on the couch. Valentins balls are grabbed by chris since he plans that beef home. As Valentin begins to fuck his face he opens broad. On his thick foreskin is pulled by valentin forward so that Chris could suck it before shoving it back down his throat. As they wind up on the floor in a steamy 69, they cant get enough of each other. That gets really hot that Chris tongue investigates Valentins tight buttocks and goes farther south. He munches on this ass getting it ready for more.Once that sexy ass is nice and wet, Chris takes slides and aim his thick cock residence missionary style. As Chris cock slips inside, valentin yells. Chris is fucking that ass as Valentin grunts trying to adapt the thick cock hes. Chris fucks him great shoving his meat and out, kissing him as his balls smack away. You enjoy this? He moans as he continues to fuck ass. The celebration moves as he sits back and has Valentin sit on his dick. Valentin takes it as a champ since him bounces on his meat. Valentin knows what to do with this oversize meat and Chris enjoys every moment of it. Because he sets Valentin facing him, chris moves into the side. He retains Valentins leg up and slides that cock . He pounds that ass harder and faster as Valentin starts to jack . It isnt long before that bum makes Chris need to explode because he pulls out and shoots on out a enormous wad around chest and Valentins face. Valentin then blows his wad all over his cum-soaked navel.

Date: October 9, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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