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This week weve asked a fantastic friend we havent seen in a while and somewhat hung, stud into the ExtraBigDicks fold. We knew Connor Maguire would help us out when he took one look in his costar. Van is brand new at 19 years old and to the business, that Miami boy has a potential. For all those of you unfamiliar with Connor, then hes a California boy and now legal at 21 decades of age. Oh goody! Van when he realized he had a dick was asked by us. Apparently the information broke once she walked in on him was amazed to find him packing since his Dad seemingly didnt. (. . .awkward) Van was freaked out at first (really?!) But when of the girls he was with told him exactly the identical thing he knew he had something special. Connorno stranger into our website , also has a major dick. We asked how he tops if that decided, if after having bottomed on cam. Yeah, I go slower now Connor admits I kinda feed it. Yeah, it often helps to know what is like to be on the receiving end of that big dick to create you a top. Well hope Vans bottomed. . .Van and Connor are hanging outside until their shoot once Van asks Connor what the hat hes got around. Its a CJB hat that he clarifies stands for CircleJerkBoys. Van is perplexed thinking hes shooting ExtraBigDicks when Connor assesses him and says Well to shoot for EBD you want to have an Extra Big Dick. Because he happens to have a very major dick, educates Connor and van grins hes in luck. So Connor can figure out for himself, he pops up and undoes his trousers. Connor does as soon as the only thing open wider than his eyes is that mouth of his attempting to wrap it about Vans cock. As Connor sucks on that dick on his knees, van just watches. He cant have enough as he takes up to it and grabs that cock by the shaft as he can into his mouth. Van lets Connor have his fill before needing some cock himself. Connor is got by him on the sofa as he begins to operate Connors dick and kneels between his legs. His tongue runs before sliding it down his throatagain. Connor yells his admiration as he watches the bi boy perform his cock but soon has yet another mouthful of Vans beef since Van straddles his chest and return to fucking his face.Soon that sexy face isnt sufficient since Connor gets flexed and railed. As Van shoves his dick inside he moans and groans. It seems like someones had expertise being on top of things. As Connor does his best to accommodate its girth, vans fat dick slides into Connors hole over and over. Van loves that sweet ass on his dick and then he continues to pound that ass deep feeling his balls slap. Van then transforms it up as he sits back and contains Connor ride his cock. Connor impales himself on that dick since he starts to shake up and down on it. He has more control of how much dick he chooses but that additional dick Vans got is currently stretching him open. Not one to back down from a challenge, Connor forces through it as he rides that dick determined to make Van blow off his hot nut. Connors cock is hard as he shouts meat. As can gets Connor on his spine missionary is following. He fucks him heavy just like he really does Connor cant support and his girlfriend but jack his boner. Vans fat dick slams into Connors candy spot delivering his load flying around himself as he drenches his navel with cum. Van pulls out and then unloads his load all over Connors penis. . . .whew.

Date: September 12, 2019
Category: Gay porn

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