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“I have to admit that I am already wet and it is because of you!” Maia and bobbie slip their legs over otherstheir heads close together as they pleasure themselves. Their eyes flicker to exactly what the other is doing, taking notice of their techniques. Fast circles are made by bobbies hands while uses controlled, Maia stokes up and down her smooth lips. “I want to come with you” “The wonder of an orgasm, its so intense!” Maia snuggles down about the bean bag alongside Bobbie, asking her what she’s currently reading. The chatter leads them in the thoughts of Bobbies literature for their own bodies and how that they like to pleasure them. “For me it has always been the wave. I really feel it in my trunk and it gets through my head.” Bobbies memory of early childhood leads direct her to reach out and energetic peck Maia with her lips. “Ive kind of wanted to do that with you since I saw one” confesses Maia, her bare feet shyly wiggling on the timber floor. Bobbie yells along Maias shoulders moving back till she gasps,”Im very sensitive on my back,” Maias breasts spilling farther from her bra because Bobbie kisses down her spine. “Can I kiss a bit more?” Their next kiss is an adult kiss, their palms slipping into their panties since they turn each other on and start to masturbate.

Date: May 21, 2020
Stars: Bobbie / Maia
Category: Lick & Suck

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