Beautiful satin is a very, very busy executive glued to her cherished blackberry. Incoming mails, calls, texts – it’s a steady flow of business. I move over to her home to pick up my purse while taking good care of her enterprise agenda, along with the young bitch totally ignores me. I´m far treated this manner!! and too outdated to become her assistant She took what I did to your organization and ran for this which makes herself a VIP executive. Little does the dumb blonde bimbo know I have a taser in my tote. Extreme & she;so damn busy with her blackberry she doesn&intense;t find me push it. ZAP!!! Out you go overlook pretty. As Whitney begins to moan and come back to a little, I bind up her thighs and her stiletto high heels. I pull down her satin button down blouse exposing her bra and panties and pull off her body. There move your elbows missy – brutally bound behind your back and cinched. Every thought you’ve got copied off a person my age you bitch. I purposely leave her hands and wrap the rope her arms down. A hogtie leaves her helpless and immobile. I expose her tits and roll up her. I wake Whitney up and show all the essential things she missed on her non stop blackberry. Whitney struggles valiantly to get away from me and immediately goes into panic mode. Oh no doll!! Let&severe;your mouth shuts up. In goes a huge rag and layer upon layer of silver duct tape. Whitney is angry as hell at her grunting through the gag and I always laugh. Awwwwww – here you go Miss VIP Executive!!! A couple of pictures of you bound up to your company newletter and out of your job. Let´s view I&severe;ll email them ll simply leave your blackberry that is significant down on the floor. All you have to do miss multitasker is grab it and dial 911.

Date: March 18, 2020
Category: General porn

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