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Back at the house this week is Scott Alexander. And then hes brought over a new face to play . Scott is currently always and 37 a welcome face here on ExtraBigdicks. We seem to get his rock cock along with enough of the 63 stud. Originally from Gainesville, Scott admits he loves to play with gadgets. New and shiny things retain his focus every moment. Speaking of new and glistening, we flip to Scotts friend. William Vas is currently 29. Sarasota, Floridas responsible for your own hottie we have with us this afternoon. William likes to spend his coin. Whatever he might be in the mood at the moment is exactly what hell invest his money on. They like to see news stations to remain linked with the remainder of the world. We wondered what their initial homosexual porn was. Scott blushed afraid he’d date himself when put to the test. Hmmm. The Other Side of Aspen that he answers. Well, he probably shouldve been more particular as there is when he was a randy 11. Early bird gets the worm, we gather. Well, its William that is going to be receiving the… you understand. So lets get on it, will we?Scott and William didnt wait for the interesting stuff as they accept each others clothes off and begin to kiss. The chemistry between these two is unmistakable as they and keep exploring each others bodies. As William gets on his knees to get a better opinion of Scotts underwear that is bulging to include his hard cock, they are in their underwear. Scotts panties slides off as he frees his creature that is thick 8. As he starts sucking on his prick, william gets over a mouthful. Look up here , Babe Scott says, since he starts to face whos doing his best to take every inch of Scotts black cock being forced down his throat, fuck William. As Scott continues slapping his face and with his mouth, william cant get enough. Scott then pulls William into his feet before going South himself , as he kisses him. Scott would like to please his new lover. Williams penis is deep inside Scotts hungry mouth. Scott loves to suck cock, and goes to town on Williams pole. All this oral activity is leading to some extreme action, and things are just getting started.Once Scotts had enough of Williams cock, he gets him on all fours so he can have a better look in his sweet hole. Scott slowly fingers that butt and gets it ready for a fucking with his tongue and fingers to perform the trick. Scott starts to eat that ass, which makes William hornier to get dick because Scott dry humps his bare ass. William wont need to wait long before Scott matches up and starts to slide his python house. Williams buttocks easily gives way, and is much more than prepared. Scott starts fucking William deep. Judging from the look on Williams confront, he adores every second of it. Awww thats a fucking dick! As the speed is picked up by Scott, william groans with pleasure. As Scott continues to drill his bum, the grin Williams face is priceless. Scott then slows down it. When he comes to a momentary pause, William starts to buck that sweet ass of his back onto Scotts penis as he impales himself. This just makes Scott hornier, understanding just how much William wants it, therefore that he goes back into piledriving his meat deep to ensure William gets his fill. William switches it up and straddles Scott to get longer. As Scotts cock proceeds to moan deep within him, his ass is stretched wide. William cant quit begging for more as he gets his ass stuffed. Then they turn into Missionary, and certainly will do the trick. Williams the first to nut as he bathes him and stands Scott. Thats enough to deliver Scott on the border as he also blasts his load ALL over Williams torso and face.

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Date: November 29, 2018
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