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This week, Brandon Fox and charlie Rose did their first ever man dual solo on camera. Charlie is backagain. For all those of you who dont understand Charlie, Charlie is 32 and has been born in South Africa but has lived all over like South America and Europe. He came back with a buddy who is no stranger to MenOver30,” Mr. Brandon Fox. Brandon is domestic. Hes from the Windy City and this piece of the Midwest now calls San Diego home. Brandon has done straight flix while Charlies completed a few. Brandon admits the secret to doing this is currently making a relationship. Ive had sex with some nasty girls, he participates. We wager. When it comes to girls, Brandon enjoys large asses curly hair and latin girls. Charlie is the equal opportunity doesnt and stud have a type he favors. He said 4 girls gang-banged me, when we asked Brandon about his wildest recent episode! Those Bachelorette parties are out of control. He was trying to wrap his head around Brandons 18, when we asked Charlie the identical question! . . .and now a word from our sponsors. As they start to tease us both of them stand side by side. Slowly as they believe up on their developed groping their cocks chests that they begin to tent their own pants. They peel their sleeves off nd show their muscle torsos off. Brandons well understood and his chest is sculpted as are his gut. Charlie has a larger build and beefy biceps. Since they stand there groping themselves, they compare midsection. Charlies the one to drop his pants and is abandoned in a tight reddish boxer cut which shows off his cock that is growing. Brandon follows suit and as he pulls down his pants hes left in a bikini brief that hugs bubble butt and his small waist. They gradually begin to pull their panties as they tease us and stand side by side. Their asses seem great Can anyone have change for a $20? DAMN! They then kneel on the couch showing us of the rumps. As they bend over the couch, they start to jack their cocks. Since they continue the series standing on their feet, They’re tough in no time. Brandons chiseled features are seductive because his furl into jerking his thick penis totally getting. Charlie isnt til it throbs. An overhead shot of Brandon gives you an remarkable chance of his thick and definition penis as he looks up at you with those grey-blue eyes of his ass. There isnt a inch you dont beg na lickagain and back again. Charlies uncut penis is slick by today along with his ass beneath his hangers is difficult to miss. They put back to continue working their nut. Brandon on the floor and Charlie to a couch nearby; those two look like sexual servants at a royal orgy because they prepare for your upcoming festivities! Where are the blossoms!? Their cocks are at full mast and it wont be long before they have to blow. As Brandon sits alongside him because they get ready to climax charlie kneels on the sofa. Charlie is the very first to nut because he pulls his nut all over the sofa and floor 19, groaning. Brandon isnt much behind because he picks the speed up. He starts to moan and moan and within minutes his cock erupts shooting his Midwestern wad in the atmosphere splattering all over his smooth thighs and navel moans constantly. No matter how you enjoy it, Foreign or Domestic, those two got you covered.

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Date: September 12, 2019
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