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Alejandro is constantly texting his boyfriend AlexA text after message after text. Alex cannot stand constant pestering and has been refusing to answer any text. Although they have been married for a while, AlejandroA is struggling to maintain their love. Alex works hard and stays late at the office, so he doesn’t want to be distracted by constant texting. Alejandro is pacing around their apartment, unable to understand why they can’t get one text back. He has been pacing around their apartment all day without receiving a response. Now it is late, and Alejandro is finally getting to bed. Alex has not responded to his last text message before going to bed. Alejandro falls asleep and Alex returns home. He is exhausted and he wakes up to find his lover wrapped up in blankets. Alejandro begins to complain about not receiving any text backs, but Alex quickly shuts him down and the two lovers soon find themselves back together where they belong: face-to-face kissing and exploring one another’s bodies. Alex enjoys each minute Alejandro is sucking his cock even though it’s too late. These two hot men are full of passion as they sass each other in bed, sucking, and ficking their way through great orgasms.

From: menover30
Date: September 7, 2022
Category: Rough Sex

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