Poor disraught Maria Marley has been dropping XXXX because of crazy dreams keeping her awake all night. The young 21 year-old readhead has been having dreams that she is zip tied and booted and those terrible nightmares wake her up and keep her alert. The loss of XXXX is taking its toll on her she pays a visit on me, her therapist, even for some aid. I explain to fairly Maria that I&extreme;ve recently read about a brand new treatment in which the individual faces her fears by experiencing what is in the fantasies. Maria gasps in shock, but I continue to relax her nervousness of accomplishing so by explaining it will be carried out by mepersonally, who trusts, in a restricted atmosphere. Reluctantly she agrees to proceed with my unconventional therapy. I sit in a wooden seat and give her a strand into feel and touch before we get started then I have her put her arms behind her back on the seat and that I remove her sneakers. I lock tie her wrists and show her how there is nothing to be afraid of. I move to zip tie her bound wrists to a rung of the chair. Maria starts to dread but I talk slowly and calmly to relax her. I grab a roll of duct tape and tape her elbows jamming them together with various layers of tape. Maria struggles as I wind the roll of duct tape underneath her adorable breasts. Maria questions my treatment, but I XXXX-XXXX her doubts and tape her upper chest. This is how you deal with your fears dear by bringing them to the forefront of your lifetime. I tape her wrists down to the seat and continue methodically taping and zip tieng her until the bad twisted little thing can´t move in any way! I have my individual open her mouth real wide and I shove a rag profoundly in wrapping layer upon layer of the duct tape across her mind procuring it in and silencing her protests. I tie Maria to struggle for a little while I take my next individual and that when I return bad dreams will be gone forever.

Date: October 12, 2020
Category: General porn

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