Your Ex Is Happy –


Custom vid: I inform you, my son Johnathon, to rub my feet. Then I tell you that I ran to your ex, Katie & that shes just married a excellent guy & shes very happy. I can tell this makes you sad so I invite you to stroke your”little peeps” while you worship my feet, to make you feel better. I go on to inform you your ex had just returned from her honeymoon & that I could tell from the glow in her eye that she had had plenty of wonderful sex. A girl can tell if another girl has been sexually satisfied. I explain that you could never make her feel like because your penis is too small. I tease you about being single, living in the home with me while the ex is getting a great life with a real man who likely has a much bigger penis, a better job, etc.. I urge you to cum while kissing my feet, reminding you that your location is kneeling before me, in my feet.

Date: October 1, 2020
Category: Humiliation

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